Klara Meinhardt

The Egosun series of works [2016] deals with the transformation of the body and material. It manifests patterns of perception and chains of association evoked by certain actions. It is a creative investigation of how an image can be produced from different raw materials. Part of this confrontation is in the presentation and transformation of the bodies. Klara Meinhardt uses the cyanotype technique for this process. The technique allows her both to reproduce images, as in classical photography, as well as to create photograms and silhouettes. The combination of the two techniques is fascinating. The resulting images simultaneously conceal and reveal. The cyanotypes alternate from positive to negatives, reality to abstraction, coincidence to calculation. What they do not show is just as important as what they show. Omissions, hints, abstractions and blurring are key factors for the development of Meinhardt’s image politics.
/Translated by Brendan Bleheen
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