Klara Meinhardt in »Tender Troublemaker«
at MEME, Athens /Greece
20 June 2017, 8pm

01/01 «»
Klara Meinhardt, work in progress, Athens June 2017 /Detail
Klara Meinhardt, work in progress, Athens June 2017 /Detail

Charles Irvin,
Klara Meinhardt,
Ida Westh-Hansen

Tender trying trouble maker, tumbling all around.
Trouble maker make up your mind, minding minds of others.
Time to go and time to stay, time to make a point.
Pointing out the unsaid things in time that has gone by.
Round and round and round it goes, going over the line.
Lining up the lines we made, to make another time.
Time and chat and turn around, making things that count.
Counting coins but don’t count on me, me and my and mine.
You can count on anyone, but they come counting back.
Making me and making mine, making up my mind.
—Ida Westh-Hansen

Keramikou 28, Metaxourgeio
Athens /Greece

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