Rui Zhang »A Little Other«
Feinkunst, Hannover
1 September—23 October 2020

01/01 «»
Rui Zhang: A Glace Over My Head, 2020,  oil tempera and spray paint on canvas, 170 x 240 cm
Rui Zhang: A Glace Over My Head, 2020, oil tempera and spray paint on canvas, 170 x 240 cm

Feinkunst e.V. presents large-format paintings and a 3D animation in the exhibition
»Rui Zhang —A Little Other« from 1 September to 23 October 2020.

The artist Rui Zhang [*1989 in Anhui, CN, lives and works in Hannover, DE] tries to build up large-format paintings, animations and silk-screen bipolar worlds in her works. They are rich in contrast, ambivalent and ambiguous. Rui Zhang is mainly interested in cyberpunk, psychedelic and mystical art. In her art, she combines images and symbols from Chinese and European cultural history, and through abstract interventions, allows them to merge into a glamorous, pop-like expression. Rui Zhang tries in her pictures to show complex elements with different materials [painting or printing foils, paper, fabrics, etc.] and to superimpose them in numerous layers. These in turn are overlaid by colourful areas of colour, graphic lines and wild brushstrokes. To create certain graphic effects, she often uses additional templates [e.g. plotted foil or cardboard]. To work more precisely, she also collects many materials, such as books, newspapers and objects, and transforms them.

In her paintings the means of transformation is generally an essential part of her expression. Zhang combines figurative fragments of people, animals and machines. In these surreal representations she refers to the way she deals with human and also animal motifs in humans, such as control or fear. Within the transformation the superimposed perspectives and the psychedelic colour combinations have an important function. Her pictures are »readable« and contain a lot of information. Zhang invents complex spaces and provides many different approaches to these spaces.

The exhibition shows a total of four large-format paintings and a video-sound installation. A 3D animation presents a fictional and at the same time surreal conversation. As in the sound installation, the paintings question the self and reality. The graphic lines and the superimposed perspectives on canvas are inspired by digital programmes. They are to be treated not only as a conflict between old and new media, but also as different approaches to complex spatiality. The core worlds of the works of art are jointly transferred to different media and in different languages. In the process, the boundaries between reality and illusion, normal and abnormal, truth and lie are blurred.

The opening will take place on
Friday, 28 August 2020, for invited guests only,
in accordance with the current hygiene and spacing regulations.

On 5 September 2020, 2pm + 4pm
Guided tour with the artist Rui Zhang

Artist interview planned for September 2020,
date to be announced.

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