Sebastian Hosu »In the light of a lake«
/Project FLUID. Process issuing.
Kunstverein Freunde Aktueller Kunst, Zwickau
18 October—15 November 2019

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Sebastian Hosu: In the light of a lake II, 2019, oil on canvas 260 x 150 cm
Sebastian Hosu: In the light of a lake II, 2019, oil on canvas 260 x 150 cm

The selection of Sebastian Hosu’s paintings gives an insight into his impetuous and bold style. The Romanian artist’s scenes—n equal parts coarse and masterfully conceived—are partially populated with fragmented figures. To create them, Hosu does not truncate complete depictions, but conceives them from an essential gesture and reduces them to that gesture. By compressing them to a movement, a position or interaction, Hosu makes his partial figures so strong that the viewer instinctively completes and complements the image contents. He succeeds in portraying flight and fall, as well as sculptural motionlessness, and tense physicality in the few patches of colour.

The same is true of his canvas; here too, areas not essential to the scene are left bare, the empty spaces around a concrete or figural concentrate force the surroundings into the background, emphasising what is there. In this way, Hosu creates corporeality with the pasty materiality of the raised masses of paint on one hand, leaving bare canvas, an absence of pigment in other areas.

For Hosu, omission is not a simple reduction, it is a concentration on the essential. As a result, the images composed are not superficially harmonious, yet cleverly balanced. Abundance and absence complement one another convincingly, like in an ingenious sketch, summarising the idea to its key moments in anticipation of a work, by emphasising the focal points, merely hinting at the surroundings, and forming an orderly clarity.

Viewers are given a surprisingly in-depth impression of the painting process. Excitement and tumultuous colours, emotion and tension in the image content become tangible as a transmission of the artist’s energy and ambition. The visible, corporeal study in paint and canvas largely necessitates extensive formats to capture and present the artist’s gestures. —By Tina Simon /Translated by Brendan Bleheeen

Sebastian Hosu born 1988 in Satu Mare [Sathmar, Satmer, Szatmárnémeti], RO
lives and works in Leipzig, DE 
2013–2016 Meisterschüler, Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig
/Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst [HGB], Leipzig
2011–2012 Master at the Académie Royale des Beaux-arts, Painting section, Liege, BE 
2009–2010 Bachelors degree at the University of Fine Arts and Design, Cluj-Napoca, RO 
2008–2009 Erasmus scholarship at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Turio, IT
2007 Graduated in the Aurel Popp Art High School, Satu Mare, RO 


An exhibition within the FLUID. project.       
Process issuing. Summer 2019Summer 2020

Artist Talk: Friday, 8 November, at 6 pm
Exhibition duration: 17 October15 November 2019
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