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September 2006—April 2022 [Archive under construction]

Turn of the times. Gallery boss says goodbye to retirement and his gallery.
Josef Filipp [72] founded the gallery 17 years ago as ›Filipp Rosbach Galerie‹ with his daughter Michaela and his son-in-law Jörg Rosbach and ran it as ›Josef Filipp Galerie‹ in recent years. At the beginning of the year, he ended his active professional career, but wants to remain connected to the ›Leipzig art world‹. 

Josef Filipp curated over 300 exhibitions and was director of the Kunstverein Leipzig from 1998—2006. As initiator and curator of projects such as:
›KAUFHAUSKUNST‹ Munich 1985,
›nomad-Temporäre Kunsthalle München‹, Munich 1993,
›East of Eden‹ 1994 in Mosigkau Castle near Dessau,
›Art at the BUGA‹ Magdeburg 1999,
›Leipziger Lerchen‹ at the Kunstverein and the Städtische Galerie Speyer, 2002,
›sieben mal malerei‹ at the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig, 2003,
he has written art history.
With the latter two projects with emerging painters, Josef Filipp provided the prelude to the so-called ›New Leipzig School‹.

Josef Filipp
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