January 2022.
David Borgmann, Kartin Brause aka Heichel,
Ian Cumberland, Paul Glaw, Rayk Goetze,
Sebastian Hosu, Lisa Kottkamp, Johannes Listewnik,
Rosi Steinbach, Rui Zhang
8 January 2022—19 February 2022

›January 2022.‹ Significantly, the year 2022 as well starts without being able to be described with a decisive, hopeful or otherwise generally favorable attribute. It is yet to be titled one might say. Only in retrospect will we know whether ›January 2022.‹ will have marked the beginning of a turnaround toward the end of the global pandemic, an overcoming of a divided social mindset, or a successful turnaround in the energy industry even. Instead of breathing a sigh of relief and being able to wave reassuringly after the last year, an underlying tension remains.  

On various occasions, the works shown in this exhibition refer to current social and global challenges, sometimes more directly, sometimes more subtly. They seem like descriptions of conditions and make present, among other things, themes such as the suffering of nature, violence, critical media reflection, exclusion, and globalization. As images of conditions and as settings, they are able to take on a reflective distance in contemplation, to adopt and test out perspectives, and hopefully to view our reality and every future not exclusively as problematic, but as a space of possibility. 
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