Lisa Kottkamp: Layered Operating System
1 August—5 September 2020

With the exhibition Layered Operating System we are pleased to announce the gallery debut of the artist Lisa Kottkamp. The title, which refers to engineering and technology, creates a layered operating system. And indeed, the artist divides the exhibition space along the gallery architecture into three formal and thematic complexes. Each room forms a coherent, autonomous unit in itself, but together they form an exhibition as a multi-layered medium or system.

In three cabinets Lisa Kottkamp shows in various installations the transformation of natural formations, such as plants or stones, into artificial objects. What is missing is the original itself; instead, the viewer finds reproductions, images and artifacts. By transforming a combination of materials and her own formal language, the artist attempts to undermine the gap between the natural and the artificial. The border between nature and culture, organic and synthetic, natural and fake, is blurred; often the design of the individual works even swings into the humorous and ironic. 

The conceptual-intellectual framework as well as Kottkamp's formal language express a relationship to reality that is questioning but also critical. Kottkamp addresses our relationship to nature. The creative transformation to which her images are subject refers not only to the processes of change brought about by time, but also to the appropriation of nature by man - from the houseplant to bionics. Kottkamp makes us think about our relationship to nature by addressing our connection to nature, beyond the usable appropriation of its elements, mechanisms and phenomena. 
—Philipp Anders

Lisa Kottkamp [born 1991 in Jena] lives and works in Leipzig. From 2012 she studied at the University of Art and Design Burg Giebichenstein in Halle [Saale] and completed a stay abroad in Vienna at the Academy of Fine Arts in the class of Monica Bonvicini. In 2019 she completed her studies at the Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst in Leipzig with a master's degree.

She exhibited her installations in numerous galleries and exhibition spaces, was invited to various artist in residence and organized exhibitions in Leipzig, Halle [Saale], Vienna and Denmark.
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