November Series pt. 2:
No hesitation, no delay

Wolfgang Ellenrieder, Paul Glaw,
Sebastian Hosu, Johannes Listewnik,
Lennart Rieder, Rui Zhang
7 November—19 December 2020

We are pleased to present the exhibition November Series Pt. 2: No hesitation, no delay starting Saturday, November 7th. In the format of the group exhibition, the exhibition brings together six different artists, each of whom deals with painting as a medium in their own way. The pictorial works show very different approaches, themes and visual languages, thus forming a multifaceted show that refers to the broad spectrum of contemporary painting - without claiming to be complete.

The gathering of different artistic positions in one exhibition, without pursuing a clearly named theme, is both daring and promising in terms of curatorial openness. Each individual position pursues its own approach and interest in the painted picture, and develops its own formal language and aesthetics for it, which sometimes lead to hybrid compositions in the form of fascinating intermediate worlds as in Rui Zhang, or in dynamically expressive pictorial works as in Sebastian Hosu. Much more reduced are the almost graphic works of Paul Glaw, who, in a critically reflective view of social conditions, is concerned with making visible and representable with the pictorial possibilities of painting. Johannes Listewnik's pictorial inventions are conceptual and yet neither neutral in their appearance nor fascinatingly complex. The works of Wolfgang Ellenrieder and the paintings of Lennart Rieder each follow their own conceptual turns in art and image theory.
The exhibition was curated by Philipp Anders.

When visiting the gallery, please note the minimum distance of 1.5 metres
and remember to keep your mouth and nose covered.
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