Rayk Goetze: Intermezzo
1 August—5 September 2020

In his summer intermezzo, Rayk Goetze presents new works created in recent months in a cabinet exhibition. Classic subjects such as portraits and landscapes are presented in paintings that oscillate between the figurative and the abstract, both with relish and openness and exploration. At other times, the drapery as a classical pictorial element itself becomes the central element and theme of the picture design.

Means of design, the work with the surface, contradictions and formal resistances, Rayk Goetze presents the highly personal examination of the question of pictorial invention and the possibilities of contemporary painting in a spatially compressed, yet expressive exhibition in a lively to colourful manner of painting. As a viewer, one senses Goetz's distinct ability »to transform thoughts into imaginable things and to find pictorial equivalents for them,« as Tina Simon described Goetz' artistic work in 2019 on the occasion of his large solo exhibition Über Mütter.
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