Rayk Goetze: Zärtliche Zeiten /Tender Times  
10 April—29 May 2021    

With Zärtliche Zeiten [Tender Times], Rayk Goetze presents another large-scale show of his pictorial works at the Josef Filipp Galerie after Der Gegenwart [2016] and Über Mütter [2019]. The artist, who lives and works in Leipzig, was born in Stralsund in 1964 and studied painting at the Academy of Visual Arts in Leipzig and at the Accademia di Belle Arte di Firenze in Florence. He completed his studies as a master student with Arno Rink.

Rayk Goetze's painting oscillates between figurative representation and abstract forms of design, which at times geometrically rearrange the pictorial space, and at other times open up further levels of contemplation and interpretation in their freedom and sensuality. Over the years of his artistic career, Goetze has created a complex pictorial world with a very individual style from the combination of abstraction and highly skilled figuration, which finds its continuation here. The exhibition at the Josef Filipp Galerie shows works in a wide variety of formats and subject forms, from portraits and landscapes to complex narrative and allegorical works.

The work Spiel [2020, oil and acrylic on canvas, 240 x 200 cm], for example, shows one of Goetz's atmospherically dense, mysterious and ambiguous pictorial narratives that combines landscape, scenic narrative and abstract formations. Voluminous planetary round bodies, pulsating but not further defined, hover dominantly above the action at the base of the painting. This is formed by a group of women whose gazes and facial expressions point in different directions, expecting, knowing, resting, contemplating. As subjects of the picture, they are absorbed in their own actions, thoughts and knowledge. Their gazes, like the composition lines of the work itself, indicate different directions. Visually and in its pictorial action, the work is spatially structured, the composition remains open and thus multi-layered, instead of a default it remains a stimulant for the vividness of the imagination and one's own search for location, it remains a mystery to be fathomed.

The exhibition is accompanied by the catalogue Rayk Goetze – Zärtliche Zeiten /Tender Times published by MMKoehn Verlag, 2021, price 36,00 €. Text: Heike Geißler, 264 pages, hardcover;
ISBN 978-3-944903-66-8
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