Rosi Steinbach: Früher oder später
20 June—25 July 2020

We are pleased to present new ceramic works by Rosi Steinbach in her cabinet exhibition Früher oder später /Sooner or later. In her artistic work Steinbach refers to the function and tradition of tradition in art. Her ceramic busts, for example, are very well known. In their uplifting form between classicism and pop, she immortalized the image of a multitude of well-known artists such as Neo Rauch, David Schnell, Jonathan Meese and others.

Now it is repeatedly the successively increasingly threatened flora and fauna that she takes care of in her work. In the age of the Anthropocene, even our normality, which we feel to be inviolable, is increasingly affected by processes of a globally and synchronously operating and oppressive capitalist system and its effects, from spatial displacement to the complete dissolution of habitats and global climatic shifts.

With its realistic depictions of plants and animal species, Steinbach's work already provides us with a preserved reproduction of the present. Parallel to the mute elegance of ancient sculptures, Steinbach preserves with her reproductions and thus creates today the remains of tomorrow. High-gloss surfaces and solidified bodies create an effect of sublime distance and give the viewer a first sense of the threat and transience Steinbach observed in her everyday life. Is her art a hint, documentation or a warning call for rescue before nothing remains but artifact and legend? It is above all a very quiet change that gives Rosi Steinbach here in her art a form and a view.
—Philipp Anders

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