Sebastian Hosu: Out There     
30 April—13 June 2020       

The depictions of the figures in Sebastian Hosu's paintings oscillate between form-ation and dissolution. The scenes and sceneries shown in his works do not follow a realistic depiction and meticulous representation per se, but it is rather a painterly presence and the reproduction of a moment’s dynamics and movement that interests the young artist. The active, performative character of the captured scene is translated into a painterly style which, in turn, emanates a performative quality in painterly gesture and energetic composition. He takes his motifs from historic photographies, often depictions of sporting events in open, natural settings. It can happen that Hosu works on the same motif several times in series of works and in different degrees of abstraction. 

The results are works in which the figure-ground relationship becomes blurred depending on focus and dynamics while the materiality of the works in color and its application calls up the vividness of an experience. Moments of dissolution and fragmentation underline the fleeting nature of the moment, however vividly it may have been felt.

Sebastian Hosu [born 1988 in Satu Mare, RO] grew up in Romania and studied in Cluj-Napoca at the University of Fine Arts and Design and at the Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti in Turin [2008-2010]. A master's degree in painting at the Académie Royale des Beaux-arts in Liege, BE, was followed by master's studies at the HGB in Leipzig. Hosu's works have already received much attention at home and abroad, including solo exhibitions at the Museum of Fine Arts in Leipzig in 2018 and the Kunstverein Freunde aktueller Kunst in Zwickau in 2019. His paintings and drawings are already represented in important private and public collections. 
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