David Borgmann

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David Borgmann
* 1983 in Wilhelmshaven
lives and works in Leipzig and Munich
2007-2008 Fine arts at the University of Arts [HfK] Bremen
with Professor Karin Kneffel
2008-2011 Fine Arts at the Academy of Fine Arts [ADBK] Munich
with Prof. Karin Kneffel
2011-2013 Visual Arts at the Academy of Visual Arts [HGB] Leipzig, Diploma with distinction
2013-2015 Master student with Prof. Ingo Meller at the HGB Leipzig
since 2018 artistic assistant at the ADBK Munich with Professor Pia Fries
Awards / Scholarships
2017 Prizewinner of the Nordwestkunst 2017, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
2016 Project funding for "Dimensional Sights", Cultural Foundation of the Free State of Saxony
2014 Promotional Prize of the 28th Art Prize of the KSK Esslingen-Nürtingen Foundation
2013 Project scholarship of the Theodor Pfizer Foundation
2013-2015 Postgraduate Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation
2009-2013 Scholarship of the German National Academic Foundation
Solo Exhibitions
2020 "Festland", Josef Filipp Gallery, Leipzig
2019 "Anfluten", Schierke Seinecke Gallery, Frankfurt /Main
2018 "Black Holes, Bright Lights", Josef Filipp Gallery, Leipzig
"It Will Also Change", Kramer Gallery, Bremen
"Lightning in a bottle", Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
"Placid Places", Rundgaenger Gallery, Frankfurt am Main
2015 "Promised Land", wallpaper factory, Leipzig
Group Exhibitions Selection
2022 »January 2022.«, Josef Filipp Galerie, Leipzig
2020 "Waterscapes", Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
2019 "I'll be your mirror", Josef Filipp Gallery, Leipzig
"Dr. Nuwayhid & Friends", Spinnerei Werkschauhalle, Leipzig
2018 "Eye-catcher", Kunsthaus Kaufbeuren
"25th Leipzig Annual Exhibition", Werkschauhalle, Spinnerei Leipzig, Leipzig
2017 "Dimensional Sights", Neustadt an der Weinstraße e.v./ Villa Böhm art association
"Nordwestkunst 2017", Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
"Mashup IV", Barlach Hall K, Hamburg
2016 "reForm Art Award", 2nd Art Award of the Evangelical Lutheran State Church in Württemberg Exhibition of the Nominees, Altes Schloss, Landesmuseum Württemberg, Stuttgart
"2 meters below zero", Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
"Dimensional Sights", Jenaer Kunstverein e.V., Jena
"David Borgmann / Stephan Marienfeld", Gallery Kunsthaus Klüber "
"Counterfeit it till you make it," curated by David Borgmann Westpol A.I.R. Raum, Leipzig
"Human with / out space", curated by Peter Bence at A.P.A. Gallery Budapest, Hungary
2015 "Hans-Purrmann-Preis 2015", exhibition of the nominees, Stadtgalerie Speyer with Kunstverein Speyer, e.V., Speyer
"Meisterschüler 2016", Gallery of the HGB, Leipzig
2014 "Quoting, Varying, Modifying - The Quotation in Painting and Graphics", 28th Art Prize of the KSK Esslingen Nürtingen Foundation Gallery of the KSK Esslingen-Nürtingen Foundation in Kirchheim
"The horses are dead" student of Heribert C Ottersbach at the Forum Kunst Rottweil
2013 "Leipzig am Rhein", student of Heribert Ottersbach in the Rudolf-Scharpf-Gallery, Ludwigshafen am Rhein
"Dis-Appearence", Westpol Airspace, Leipzig
"Today, - Quotes and Ingredients", Gallery KUB, Leipzig
"Standby / Switch off / Restart", project room Energiekombinat, Leipzig
Art collection project space Energiekombinat, Leipzig
2012 "No man's land - All this and nothing", project space Geh8 Kunstraum Dresden
"Ostrale 012 - International Exhibition for Contemporary Art", Ostragehege, Dresden
2011 "Northwest Art 2011 - The Nominees", Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven
"More than a shot", Gallery Beck & Eggeling, Düsseldorf
"Monster", Producer Gallery Dieschönestadt, Halle
"Update - Young Art from Leipzig", Kunsthalle der Sparkasse, Leipzig
2010 "Coming Soon", City Gallery Cordonhaus Cham
2009 "Rundblick 2009", Temporary Gallery Cologne / Cherry Picker Art Association
2008 "Art Summer 2008", Gallery Peter Tedden Garage, Art Association Oberhausen
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