Eva Citarrella: Königsspringer                            
February 2021—27 March 2021                          

In her works, Eva Citarrella places figures in porcelain-like gloss in different contexts. On the one hand, one finds both humans and animals in fairy-tale landscapes, but on the other hand Eva Citarrella also illustrates fight scenes of both sexes, which are reminiscent of initiated fight scenes from American television. However, the porcelain look of these discrepancies with the scene depicted and the visualised themes of violence and brutality.

A complexity of the pictorial spaces in the shrieking and colourful pictures is created by graphic elements that at the same time move the visible scenes into the background or overlap them. They are reminiscent of the fingerprints on a touchscreen now made visible in the pictures and convey the impression that some sceneries can only be fully grasped through this "touch". Through this media reference, Citarrella illustrates not only our increasing view of the world through mobile devices, but also the digital, unlimited possibilities of changing actual reality as well as the perspective of creating one's own illusion to which one can completely surrender.

Not only the reference to the digital age, but also the relationship and union of nature, animals and humans in the dreamlike, abstract landscapes is visualised by Citarrella. At the same time, one recognises the striving of the human creature for the dynamic and elegant strength of the king jumper, which runs thematically through all the works by taking up the associated attributes.  
—Elisabeth Lingthaler

Eva Citarrella, born in Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany, began studying painting at the Academy of Fine Arts [Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, HGB] in Leipzig in 2012.
In 2018, she graduated with a diploma under Annette Schröter.
She lives and works in Leipzig.
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