Peter Hock: Stoff
5 June—17 July 2021

In his works, Peter Hock continues to transfer various surfaces and their properties as well as other complex structures into monochrome, large-format charcoal drawings. Hock meticulously and astonishingly realistically depicts smooth as well as rough, restless and organic surfaces and structures in sometimes oversized formats. These close-up views confront through their sometimes enormous proportions, which both irritatingly claim the field of vision and acquire an abstract quality. The absence of colours and the strength of contrasts, but also blackness and light, play with the ambivalence between scientific depiction and mystical rapture.

Representations of monumental size on sometimes completely dark, sometimes abstractly light backgrounds: in his own pictorial language, Peter Hock literally brings everyday objects, tangles of plants and organic material before our eyes, creating abstractions that fascinate and inspire us to explore their properties as well as their reference. The artist, however, seems to be more concerned with the hidden, which can no longer be precisely grasped, and instead to provide possibilities for association and, above all, imagination. The viewer's imagination is just as much a positive force here as the artist's. Each of Peter Hock's pictures shows a completely different arrangement of things leading up to the one that, as a monumental close-up, makes the associations swirl.
-Philipp Anders

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