Rosi Steinbach in »Vernieuwd Verleden /Renewed Past«
CODA Museum, Apeldoorn, NL
6 March—28 August 2016

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Renewed Past /Vernieuwd verleden
in jewellery by Evert Nijland and in contemporary art

The exhibition Renewed Past in CODA Museum shows how themes, visual language and techniques from the past play a new, relevant role in contemporary art. An important part of this exhibition is an overview of jewellery made by Evert Nijland. CODA Museum presents Nijland's work combined with his broad selection of contemporary art by visual artists who, each in their own way, work with elements and symbolism from western [art]  history and/or historical techniques and crafts. The exhibition offers a broad spectrum of interpretations and perspectives, making no distinction between autonomous and applied art.

About Evert Nijland
Evert Nijland's [1971] works are a mix of archetypes, classic ornaments, rich historical imagery and artisanal techniques. His translation to the present is surprising and inspiring. By combining unusual materials, using old [artisanal] techniques and reading historical symbolism in his singular way, he gradually built up an original oeuvre that has gained international significance and is part of many private and museological collections, both in the Netherlands and abroad. Renewed Past is a tantalising exhibition that shows how the past lives on in contemporary art to this day.

Explore the work of 35 artists in Renewed Past
Explore works by Barbara Broekman, David Clarke and Natalie Smith, Hilde de Decker, Paul van Dongen, Van Eyck and Van der Lubbe, Frans Franciscus, Gijs Frieling, Guido Geelen, Gésine Hackenberg, Eddo Hartmann, Koen Hauser, Bernard Heesen, Heringa/Van Kalsbeek, Amy Jayne Hughes, Hella Jongerius, Carl de Keyzer, Juul Kraijer, Vika Mitrichenka, Marc Mulders, Ni Haifeng, Erwin Olaf, Wouter van Riessen, Maria Roosen, Scholten en Baijings, Paul Scott, Borek Sipek, Carolein Smit, Rosi Steinbach, Fiona Tan, Nazif Topcuoglu, Conor Vella, Claire Verkoyen, Bouke de Vries and Albert van Westin.

Reinterpreting western [art] history
CODA Museum presents Nijland's work together with his broad selection of contemporary art. In their own unique way, the artists in this exhibition give new meaning to techniques, materials and symbolism from western art history, thus demonstrating the importance of the past in contemporary art. Sometimes they do this by literally incorporating quotations, other times by reinterpreting a theme, symbolism, religious or mythical elements.

Form, image and ornamentation
Evert Nijland works with form, image and ornamentation. His work is founded on the European cultural tradition. Evert Nijland: »The leitmotiv in my work is the love for the ornament and the search for its meaning. I am fascinated by archetypes and symbols—think of the flower, bow, snake, cruciform and geometric patterns—which have been interpreted in so many different ways over the centuries. What's more, the contemporary jewel is not bound to a specific material. I work from an image or idea and then go in search of the right material and fitting techniques. That is how the collaboration with artisans like glass-blowers, woodturners, textile weavers, ceramists or silver casters, who make parts of my work, comes about. I do not manufacture all elements myself, which sets me apart from other jewellery artists. For me, having my own signature does not mean that I have to make everything myself.«

Contrast in Nijland’s work
Besides ornamentation, the search for contrast is an important element in Nijland's work. He combines various materials and different disciplines within applied art. Those combinations are ‘classic’ and were used often in the past, while these days the disciplines are separated

Renewed Past is staged by Evert Nijland, CODA director Carin Reinders, Ward Schrijver and advisor Hélène Bremer. Mercurius & Psyche, a publication about Nijland’s work, is due to come out in the same period.

CODA Museum
Vosselmanstraat 299
[Museumingang: hoek Vosselmanstraat/Roggestraat]
7311 CL Apeldoorn


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