Catalogue Presentation
Claudia Rößger: Ich und die Anderen 
27 April 2018, 6—9pm

Be-marks on the state of the ego
Caps, hats, helmets, turbans, but also animals, buildings, culinary and floral elements pile up virtuously over the faces and designate all the others. Claudia Rößger transforms these attributes from her typical arsenal of formal details.

They are sensual, playful and geometric elements. The stripes, stars, dots, zigzag lines, circles, rhombuses and checks are seedbeds of meaning that find their way into her work from various sources: Quotations from Nordic and Slavic folklore, from fairy tales and myths, from theatre and circus on the one handand from representational surroundings and nature on the other. She charges these painterly with restlessness or stringency, with pride or sadness and everything with which she charges her creatures.
—Tina Simon

The catalogue ›Claudia Rößger - Ich und die Anderen‹ [I and the Others]
will be published in April 2018 by MMKoehn Verlag; texts by Tina Simon and Dietrich von Gruben;
designed by Katharina Fiedler and Maria Magdalena Meyer; 40 pages, 42 illustrations
ISBN 987-3-944903-44-6

Claudia Rößger, *1977 in Mittweida [Saxony] is a painter who lives and works in Leipzig.
She studied painting at the Leipzig Academy of Visual Arts with Prof. Arno Rink and was his master student._
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