Hanna Kaminski: lauf, mickey!                      
February 2021—27 March 2021                  

In her paintings, Hanna Kaminski deals with today's social structures in a painterly way.
Our society is as colourful and diverse as the areas of colour that overlap, cover each other or flow into each other. There are seemingly endless possibilities for free development and shaping of life. Through digital, global networking, we can reach everything and everyone, realise all our dreams and desires. But is everything really as colourful and beautiful as it seems at first glance?

run, mickey! /lauf, mickey!but where is the fast movement going? In a permanently accelerating world with endless possibilities, it is not so easy to find the right path and orientation.
The picture plane, which is immediately accessible through brightly coloured surfaces and dynamic lines, appears attractive and suggests lightness. However, it is counteracted by sign-like figural motifs that emerge from the multi-dimensionality of the colour surfaces, such as hand gestures or ghost-like eyes. They seem accusing, observing. Monster heads bare their teeth belligerently. The recurring motif of the lemon, which underlines the cartoonish, fictitious composition of the pictorial elements in their use as a facial outline, points to the sour aftertaste, the disadvantages of our society.

By embedding differently combined motifs in different contexts within her pictorial composition, Hanna Kaminski refers to the ever advancing digitalisation and development of our society. Online platforms and the associated possibility of permanent self-expression and escape into a fictitious reality, create imaginary attack surfaces, the possibility of constant surveillance and control. Are we possibly not so free from social pressure and the desire to conform to the norm and do everything right after all?
—Elisabeth Lingthaler

Hanna Kaminski, born 1988 in San Francisco [US],
has been studying at the Academie of Fine Arts [Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst, HGB] in Leipzig since 2018.
Since 2019 she has been in Michael Riedel's class for painting and graphics.
She lives and works in Berlin.
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