Rayk Goetze Cabinet                            
14 January—25 February 2017                             

Behold bright flames illuminated!
A merry club das congregated. *

Each new exhibition by Rayk Goetze may seem like a re-encounter with a truly picturesque crowd. It is a return to internalized and yet equally unknown painterly realms, as if one were to move through a familiar house but with new rooms. ›Grandezza‹ is written above the entranceway in lettering that alternates between neon and brass engraving. In the main complex diversity has already spread itself amongst the gathering; here is neither a dry concept presented nor in pure minimalism indulged. This is painting in its many possibilities and in its sensuality.

The colours shimmer in a complete spectrum, muted signal hues meet upon diffuse depths. Attracted an dazzled by glowing accents, the eye lingers in fine modulated surfaces. In between, rough fractures glimpse through the skin of the paint: here is substance, here a dynamic process took place. These fractures draw the viewer deeper into the image. [...]

Thus this oeuvre establishes a shifted reality whose illustrious company in their the playful yet consequent painterly realms offer the visual flaneur authentic pleasure in the truest sense. One can thoroughly recommend a visit to this world, so please: enter!

* Settembrini in Thomas Mann, ›The Magic Mountain

—By Stephan Köhler /Excerpt catalogueRayk Goetze – Universum, 2014  

Rayk Goetze born 1964 in Stralsund, GDR 
lives and works in Leipzig, DE 
1975–81 college of physical education, Potsdam
1981–84 steelshipbuilder and A-levels, Rostock
combat diver in the navy 
1991 studies of painting, Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig
with Prof. Arno Rink und Neo Rauch
1995–96 studies at Accademia di Belle Arti di Firenze, Florence, IT
1997 Diploma in Fine Art and 2000 Postgraduate studies
with Prof. Arno Rink, Academy of Visual Arts, Leipzig

Exhibitions in Berlin, Stockholm, Hamburg, Munich, Dresden,
Rostock, Baden-Baden, Potsdam et al.
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