Rosi Steinbach

Rosi Steinbach: Ceramic
Rosi Steinbach has been working for several years on various groups of works with ceramic. Some works from the series »Artists' Busts« have found their way into the Staatliche Kunstsammlung Dresden, the Museum der bildenden Künste Leipzig and the Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst. She has also accepted commissions for portrait busts.

In addition to the models themselves, her own photos and sketches serve as models. Her ceramic busts are in the tradition of both the Della Robbias from 15th century Florence and the wooden sculptures of Stephan Balkenhol. The cutouts of the late 1960s by the American painter Alex Katz are also likely to be among her sources of inspiration. In this broad field of tension between her models, she develops her independent sculptures with a twinkle in her eye and well aware of her own strength, which sometimes come across as quite pop in their colourfulness.

Rosi Steinbach's objects all comment in some way on our everyday culture. The border zone between decoration and cult object, everyday design intent and »high« art serves as the starting point for finding images. The highly polished, colourfully glazed, painted and sometimes even gilded objects are not only decorative, but also always an attempt to describe the state of the world.

The ceramic artist, who is highly respected in specialist circles, added a Madonna with the Child Jesus from the workshop of the famous 16th-century Florentine Renaissance artist Giovanni della Robbia, on loan from the Federal Republic of Germany to the Grassi Museum für Angewandte Kunst, in 2019 and received much acclaim for it.
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